Our housemade tofu is made from organic, non-GMO soybeans*. What makes us unique is that we offer tofu made from either the standard yellow soybeans or from black soybeans. Black soybeans have more antioxidants and are more effective in cutting cholesterol than yellow soybeans. Our housemade tofu also contains more soybeans than commercial tofu. In addition, we do not use any emulsifiers or additives. As such, our tofu yields a nuttier and more savory flavor. We hope you enjoy our housemade tofu in all of our tofu dishes.

Our noodles are NEVER storebought. They are all HOUSEMADE and pulled to order. Our doughs are specifically tailored for each types of noodles. Freshly made noodles has better texture and taste which makes our noodle dishes delicious. Try our cold noodles dishes and taste the difference!